“Having had lessons with Mendy for several years I can say: he is patient, persistent, focused and knows his stuff; a great place for anyone that would like to have piano, keyboard or guitar lessons!”

Yossie E.

“My daughter has been learning guitar for the past few months with Mendy. She has learned so much from these weekly sessions. What a confidence booster! Havdalah has not been the same. She plays her guitar while we say Havdalah. It is incredible and so spiritual. Her friends come over all the time and they sing and play together. It's so beautiful to listen to.”

Mrs. Bruck

“We want to thank you for teaching Chaim Nachman how to play the keyboard. He started off as a real beginner. With you teaching him with such patience and proficiency, he has blossomed into a true player with beautiful skills and with the ability to figure out a song by ear in just a couple of minutes. Your methodology and process of teaching is unique. You built him from a novice to an expert. At this point he is able to and often does play at simchos. You were able to motivate him when he was having a hard day and was not in the mood for lessons. We can't thank you enough for the patience, expertise, and warmth that you displayed at each and every lesson! We will surely miss you. Hatzlocha with everything and please keep in touch. ”

Reuven and Nechama